What Are The Benefits of Being Short?

You might think that having a shorter height has a lot of negative connotations. The truth is, there are actually great advantages that come with a short stature. Check out the top four benefits of being short.

1. You Get More Physical Advantages, You Really Do!

Benefits of Being Short

Short... But Powerful

Researchers say that people lacking height have numerous physical advantages in accordance to the laws of physics. Shorter people have better reflexes, quicker reaction times, more capability to accelerate bodily movements, greater endurance, ability to rotate the torso faster and stronger muscles.

They are also less prone to breaking bones upon falling. Because of these advantageous physical attributes, there’s higher probability for shorter people to excel in gymnastics, diving, skiing, rock climbing, figure skating, martial arts, long distance running and even soccer. Short people are also considered as excellent boxers, weight lifters and wrestlers in their respective weight classes.

An interesting fact is that shorter people have lesser chances of dying in auto crashes, which is definitely a great advantage in such situations. A study confirmed that short people had the least risk of suffering serious injuries and dying as compared to taller individuals.

2. You Get To Live Longer!

Short BenefitsThis is  perhaps one of the most notable advantages of being short. There have been substantial findings reporting that shorter and smaller individuals live comparatively longer. Scientists explain that larger bodies have more cells that require replacement due to damage and the vital organs of bigger people decline more quickly in functional capability compared to smaller people.

A comprehensive study done several years ago concluded that there’s a 20-60% higher cancer incidence among taller persons compared to shorter ones. Of course short people are not immune to serious health problems but there’s lesser occurrence among them compared to the majority of the population.

3. Knee Problems Are Not As Common

Tall People Knee ProblemsAlthough short people still do experience knee problems, taller people typically experience worse knee ailments. Short people have stubby legs, hence they can easily reach the ground when bending their knees so there’s lesser movement and effort involved.

Aside from that, it’s also more likely for taller people to bump their knees more often on objects and experience knee injuries. This sounds a bit ridiculous, I know, but it’s true. Tall people are just more clumsy than those of us who are closer to the ground.

4. More Comfortable Transportation

Individuals with short stature can easily go through long flights and travels through subways or cars without much discomfort. They can simply sit comfortably in their seat as the plane takes off whereas a taller person will have much difficulty getting comfortable.

These are just 4 of the many benefits of being short.  As you can see, being a short guy (or gal) isn’t all that bad.

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