The Absolute Best Exercises to Get Taller – My 2 Part Regimen

People with short stature can perform certain exercises that could greatly help boost their height — well, not greatly, but moderately at least. That said, there’s no need to undergo expensive surgery or take lots of height increasing supplements (which do NOT work by the way) — Just follow this 2 part, daily regimen!

Part I – Preliminary Exercises

These exercises serve as your warm-up exercises to prepare your body for more difficult techniques and stretches. Perform all exercises for at least 10 to 15 minutes before proceeding to the regular exercises.

Exercise 1 of the Day

Before you get out of your bed, do an intense stretching of your arms and legs. Stretch your arms, toes and every joint and muscle of your body to their limit.

Exercise 2 of the Day

Still in bed, move to a sitting position and let your head lower down so your chin gets close to your chest. Move your head in a circular motion several times and repeat in the opposite direction. This helps loosen up your neck joints.

Exercise 3 of the Day

Now, move to a standing position and start stretching your arms forward and then rotate our arms in circular motion. Extend your arms to the side and don’t bend your elbows. Begin rotating your arms from the shoulder joints and repeat in the opposite direction a few more times.

Quick Note: You know how you’re always told to stretch and get lose before a workout? Well, that same concept applies when using exercises to grow taller. Gotta get loose, gotta get ready! Now lets move on to part II.

Part II – Regular Exercises

Now these are the REAL best exercises to grow taller, as they help straighten and lengthen your spine and stretch your body to the max. Repeat daily for up to half an hour for best results. These can be done during any part of the day. They do NOT need to be done immediately after your preliminary exercises; they can be done whenever you have time.

First Exercise

Stand up straight behind a chair with your feet together and hands clutching the chair. Slowly raise your leg up behind you as far as you can. Lower your leg down and repeat the method with your right leg. Do the leg lifts 20 to 30 times for each leg.


Second Exercise

Lie on your back on the floor. Raise your leg as far as you can toward your chest. Hold your leg below the knee and pull it further toward your chest. Ensure that your shoulders don’t lift off the ground, although you may lift your head up. Repeat with the other knee and perform the exercise 10 times for each leg.


Third Exercise

Spread your legs wide apart in a standing position. Lift up your hands above your head and overlap your hands. Start bending forward, touching the ground between your legs, and then return to your previous position. Do this 10 times, aiming to put your feet closer together. Eventually, you should be able to touch the surface with your palms.

These are just some of the best exercises to get taller. Are there others that you can use? Absolutely, many right here on this site! In fact, if you’re only using the exercises in this article, well, then you’re working at a disadvantage. You should be doing every exercise and every technique if you REALLY want to increase your height naturally.

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