How to Get Taller In Less Than 8 Weeks

Being short is no picnic. In fact, it’s the very opposite — it’s total hell. No one likes being short, no one wants to be short; it’s just a fact of life.

People like to say there are all sorts of benefits and advantages to being the short guy, but what else can they really say when you think about it? “Yeah, you’re right. You really got the ‘short straw’ when it comes to height! Sucks to be you!” No one is going to say that, not unless they are a complete jerk. They’ll just say “eh, being tall isn’t THAT great”, but all of us short people know the truth — IT IS!

Well, I say enough is enough with the patronizing! We all know it sucks being short and no matter what anybody says, we still know and realize it every single day, don’t we? And unless you’ve got a serious case of “short man syndrome”, you probably just accept the fact like the rest of us and move on with your life. It sucks, but what can you really do about it, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that you finally CAN do something about your extreme (or even just mild to moderate) shortness!

Now, I’m not talking about some ridiculous supplement or height pill or shoe lift, I’m talking about real growth. The kind of growth you can measure and see with your own eyes. This increase isn’t temporary nor is it “fake”, it’s real and it can be yours within just a few weeks.

Now, I’m sure you’re already getting impatient and are screaming for me to reveal this “miracle” technique, so I’ll just tell you what it is and get that out of the way. It’s called Grow Taller 4 Idiots — and it’s the only proven system to give it’s users 2 to 4 REAL inches of height within 8 short weeks. And unlike every other grow taller “system” or height increase “program” out there, this guide is backed by scientific proof and real, verifiable results.

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There’s Nothing Miraculous or “Mystifying” About Grow Taller 4 Idiots. It’s Just Real, Proven Science…

Now, I could make up some nonsense about how magical and mysterious Grow Taller 4 Idiots is and then say that the only way you’ll find out about it’s amazingly powerful secrets is if you go to the site and buy it — but why insult your intelligence? Instead, I’ll tell you like it is.

The simple truth is that there’s nothing mystical or miraculous about Grow Taller 4 Idiots — it’s just science backed by science. There’s nothing about magic potions, thousand year elixirs, or ancient yoga techniques. It’s really just an in-depth and extremely thorough collection of different exercises, tips, movements, and guidelines which are tested & confirmed to fully maximize a person’s height.

While the background story of how Grow Taller 4 Idiots was created is a very interesting story and well worth a read, I won’t get into that now. I’m sure you’ll read it yourself when you’re at the website, but for now, I want to focus on the facts and why Grow Taller 4 Idiots is so effective.

Why It’s So Effective…

Rather than rely on just one method or exercise, Grow Taller 4 Idiots makes use of SEVERAL different methods and height increasing techniques. That said, don’t expect that doing a few stretches for 5 to 10 minutes and correcting your posture is going to end up giving you 4 inches of growth by the end of the week — it just won’t happen.

You have to follow ALL of the instructions exactly as they are given and stick to them — every method, every technique, every exercise, every tip. If you just use “some of the easy stuff” and ignore everything that takes a little effort, well, you’re not going to get results, period.

Will it take some effort and patience? Oh yeah, no doubt about it. To say it’s going to be a breeze without any effort, or even a little frustration now and again, that would be a bold faced lie. However, the real question is, will your efforts & patience really be worth it? To answer that, I direct you to the user reviews below. These have not been faked nor embellished in any way.

Real Reviews From ACTUAL Users of Grow Taller 4 Idiots

“I tried many products to grow taller in the past 2 years, but with no luck. When I saw your website for the first time it was easy to notice that this one was different from the rest. I started your program and to my surprise I grew 3 inches in less than 2 months. I highly recommend your program to anyone who wants to add some extra inches to their height! thank you Darwin!”Jennifer Tinatra 25 Years Old

“There are several tall guys that play basketball on my college team. Because I was shorter than most of them I was finding it difficult to be more than just a reserve. My coach told me that I was too short and therefore I would be the weak point of the team in matches. Having nothing to lose I gave your product a try. Within 6 months I grew four inches. Now my teammates looks at me differently, respect me and I play in matches all the time.” - Toni Henso. 21 Years Old

“Hello growtaller4idiots, I would like to thank you for the priceless information that helped me grow 2.5 inches in such a short period of time.

I was only an inch taller than my mother but now I’m much taller. Cheers and best regards!”Lina Jones. 30 Years Old

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You Don’t Need Grow Taller 4 Idiots To Get Taller…

Most of the information you will need to naturally grow taller is available online completely free of charge.  Yup, I said it… you don’t really NEED Grow Taller 4 Idiots to increase your height, you can do everything on your own without help and without paying the $47 that this system costs.

You can do all the research yourself in your own time and then put that information to use over the next couple of months — no need to spend a single penny on information or height increasing guides at all.

However, I think the more pressing issues are: do you really want to do all that researching, testing, and trial and error on your own? And, what is your time really worth?

It took Darwin Smith hundreds of hours of researching, testing, and evaluating height increasing techniques to develop and perfect Grow Taller 4 Idiots. Most people don’t even have 2 hours of extra free time per day, let alone dozens of hour per week at their disposal.

Of course, if you think you can do it and don’t mind combing through an OCEAN of ineffective height tips, oddball methods, and weird stretching exercises — many of which have no scientific basis whatsoever — then by all means, go for it. In fact, this website alone will give you plenty of information to get started in the right direction. Just start reading the articles here and you’re already ahead of the game!

Regardless of the information that “may” be out there though, I personally just don’t have the patience for endless hours of researching and “tests” — and I’m sure the same can be said for most people reading this. As matter of fact, I’d much rather spend the $47 up front and get it a nice & neat little bundle of information that walks me through EVERYTHING I need to do, step by step.

That $47 — in my mind at least — is drastically less than the amount of time & effort I’d spend combing the internet and trying to build my own effective height boosting regimen. $47 or several dozen hours of my time…. hmm, which do I value as more important?

How Lazy Are You….. Honestly?

It really boils down to how “lazy” you are and how “easy” you like things to be. I’m incredibly lazy and, to me, there’s no such thing as “too easy” in this world. That said, the very idea of doing hours of research when I can just pay $47 for the answers and get them immediately, well, that makes me cringe in disgust & anger. But as they say, to each his own! Of course, if you like that sort of thing and don’t mind the challenge of many, MANY long hours of research, well, then who am I to stop you?

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  • The 3 Single Most Critical Elements of Increasing Height… pg. 13-29
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How to Increase Your Height Naturally – My 5 Secrets Unleashed!

It’s no secret that most people, men most of all, desire to be taller than they are. While it’s absolutely true that there are numerous supplements and products out there that claim to promote height increase, you should know by now that most of these supplements and “grow taller” products are complete crapola. They can no more increase your height than could waving a wand made from a paper towel roll.

Believe it or not, there are actually lots of effective ways for how to increase height naturally without bogus creams or pills. Read on to take a look at these simple and effective methods…

1. Proper Stretching Exercises

Certain activities such as stretching exercises, hanging, as well as swimming can potentially boost your height up to three inches or more. Take note though that this method may take some time — well, a LOT of time to be honest — to yield noticeable results.

Do exercises that aim to strengthen, develop and tone your muscles which support the spine; shoulder, lower back, and upper back. Once you’ve sufficiently developed these muscles, your spine will actually start to lengthen naturally.

Some great height increasing exercises that you can do are the following…

- 20-40 minutes of spine lengthening exercises that include stretching and hanging, or swimming.

- 20-40 minutes of leg lengthening exercises that include jumping, cycling, kicking, sprinting and jumping rope.

2. Simple Posture Exercises!

Practicing proper posture can be conducive to a natural height increase. It helps your body grow naturally over time and it will more easily maintain that “longer” shape.

Posture Exercise 1: Lie down flatly on the floor with your face down. Position your palms on the ground beneath your shoulders and hold this pose for roughly 5 to 10 minutes. Stop if you feel any sort of discomfort.

Posture Exercise 2: Another advisable posture technique is to arch your spine up as far as you possibly can, with your chin pointed up and out. Hold this position for several minutes. Do this often, as much as you can in fact.

3. Permanently Correct Your Sitting Posture

Sitting is probably the most important aspect of “improving your posture”. Most of us slouch when we sit. We might not realize it, or even think of it as slouching — but we all do it.

Don’t believe you’re a sloucher? Fine. Get a mirror and put it next to where you sit, just a few feet away. Do what you always do when you sit — work, games, tv, read, etc. Once about 10 minutes has passed, take a look at the mirror and you’ll see a hunchback; I’d bet my life on it!

In theory, fixing your sitting posture should be simple and easily done within days. Just sit up straight — that’s it, right? WRONG! We all know that sitting up straight is rarely ever that simple, don’t we?

To really correct your sitting posture for good, you have to forcefully remind yourself again and again and again throughout the day. Perhaps even write a note and keep it next to your work station. This is the only way you’re going to be able to really make any progress.

Trust me, sitting up straight does NOT come naturally nor is it second naturally. I’ll even go as far to say that slouching is what’s natural, not sitting up straight. That said, don’t expect this to be an easy thing you’ll master in a day or two. Sitting up straight all the time may sound easy, but it isn’t; believe me on that. It’ll take several weeks MINIMUM before sitting up straight is as second nature to you as slouching is to the rest of the world.

4. Take Up Yoga

If you’re searching for a great way on how to increase height naturally at home, then you can and should give the age-old yoga technique a try.

Considering that most of your height lies in your spine and legs, you should concentrate on yoga poses that concentrate on these body parts.

A few of the best yoga positions that you can do are: The Standing Forward Bend, The Head to Knee Pose, and The Downward Dog Facing Pose. These yoga techniques help strengthen your knees and thighs, stretch your hips and relax your central nervous system, hence improving your height.

Not flexible enough for yoga? Well, that’s not surprising in the least. Most beginners of yoga are not flexible at all — some can’t even touch their toes if their life depended on it. That said, don’t worry about your yoga abilities so early. Start with the easy stuff first and then work on tackling the harder stuff.  The more advanced exercises will definitely help you to increase your height naturally — you just have to be able to do them without injury.

5. Living The Healthier Lifestyle

If you’re really set on naturally increasing your height, you should start doing any of the mentioned exercises above, not to mention work on developing a more healthy “lifestyle”.

Eating healthy foods, maintaining balanced nutrition, exercising regularly, getting proper sleep each night,  lower stress levels, etc. are all important to your goal of growing taller. Do your absolute best to stay away from bad vices; smoking and drinking and drugs.

Remember, none of these things on their own is going to make you grow taller overnight, nor will it turn you into a 6′ behemoth within the next month or two. Such expectations are foolish and should be cast aside immediately.

It will take many, many, many months of dedication, patience, and persistence using the methods & exercises above (as well as others on this site) before you see any increase in your height whatsoever.

Natural Ways to Increase Height – My 5 Must See Tips!

1. Daily Stretching Exercises – Simple stretching exercises can help lengthen your body naturally if done properly from a few weeks up to several months. Spend around 15 minutes twice a day to stretch your arms, legs and limbs.  You can do toe touching, simple kicks and full body stretches which stretches all of your body muscles and lengthens your spine.  One of the best and easiest techniques is just “hanging” from a horizontal bar or tree limb.

2. Yoga – For decades, yoga has been used to relax the body and mind and has recently gained a LOT of attention for it’s wide array of benefits. It has various health benefits, the most important of which (in regards to this topic of course) is to help increase your height. Try different yoga poses and techniques, especially those that focus on stretching your spine and improving your body posture; there are A LOT of them. An example of a good beginner yoga exercise is the sukhasana, wherein the person sits on the floor with legs crossed and palms resting on the knees. This focuses on improving breathing while raising and lowering the arms.

3. Healthy Diet – This aspect tends to be overlooked but the fact is, maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is one of the best ways to increase height naturally. Take in foods rich in vitamins, minerals and protein as these are essential in allowing your body to grow naturally to its maximum potential. Important vitamins include vitamin A, C, D, E, B12, F and K. Specifically speaking, you need to consume more calcium, magnesium, iodide, iron, potassium and phosphorus to maximize your height boosting potential.

4. Good Posture – You may not quite notice it, but bad posture habits often tend to make you appear shorter and smaller. Hunching while standing or sitting in a bad position for a long time compresses your spine. That being said, always remember to maintain the proper posture whether you’re in a chair, standing or walking. Stand with your chest out, without slouching your shoulders forward.  Adopting good posture isn’t easy, especially after years of poor posture. You’re going to need to keep reminding yourself to sit up straight and to stand tall, otherwise you’ll quickly slip back into “sloucher” status.

5. Avoid Over Indulging In Bad Vices – Vices such as drinking, smoking, and drug use have always been considered as bad for our overall health; I.E. stunting growth. Many people don’t realize that aside from causing a wide variety of diseases and bad health effects over the long haul, these “activities” can limit your height potential, thereby making you shorter (indirectly of course). Does drinking beer and smoking turn you into a dwarf or gnome? No, but heavy drinking and heavy smoking will most certainly work against your goal of growing taller — and that’s a fact!

Top 3 Exercises For Increasing Your Height

By doing the best height increasing exercises regularly, you’ll have higher chances at growing taller naturally over time. Will you go from 5 foot 5 to 6 feet tall — no, sorry. But, you can add 2 to 3 inches to your height if you start using the right exercises NOW. Try these specific exercises to help you get taller without the need for surgeries or phony natural height increase supplements.

• Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

These are great exercises to decompress your spine. To do pull ups and chin-ups, you should have an overhead bar.

For chin-ups, clutch the bar with your knuckles faced away from you. Pull up your body slowly until your chin nearly touches the bar and lower yourself carefully back down. Repeat the process several times — as many as you can in fact.

Pull-ups are done in a similar procedure but using the opposite grip, which means your knuckles should face toward you. When you lift yourself up, your head should move towards the bar until the hind of your neck reaches the bar. Lower yourself down slowly and repeat.

• Hanging

One of the reasons that people tend to appear shorter than their natural height is due to the pull of gravity. The best counteractive measure is stretching the spine and you can do it by hanging on a horizontal bar. It’s one of the best and easiest height increasing exercises recommended, as anyone can do it.

Just hang from a horizontal bar while keeping your hands closely together, with your palms facing frontwards and your shoulders, arms and hips relaxed. Stay in this position for at least 20 seconds. Rest for a moment and then repeat the exercise 5 to 7 times. As you progress, you can raise the difficulty level by adding ankle weights or a weight vest.

• Dry Swimming

Dry Land Swimming Exercise

Extend your body completely while lying flat on your stomach. Your arms should be outstretched in the forward position and your palms should face the floor. Raise your left arm off the ground as you lift your right leg. Be sure to keep your legs straight. At first try, stay in this position for four seconds before you repeat with the opposite leg and arm. In the next days, work your way up to 20 seconds and longer. You may opt to add ankle and wrist weights for enhancing stamina and tone your lower back muscles. Does it look a little silly? Sure, but who says you have to do it in front of a live audience? Do it when no one is around!

These are some of the best exercises for increasing your height naturally and cheaply. They won’t transform you from “oompa-loompa” to “jolly green giant” — but they will maximize your height potential, guaranteed!

The Absolute Best Exercises to Get Taller – My 2 Part Regimen

People with short stature can perform certain exercises that could greatly help boost their height — well, not greatly, but moderately at least. That said, there’s no need to undergo expensive surgery or take lots of height increasing supplements (which do NOT work by the way) — Just follow this 2 part, daily regimen!

Part I – Preliminary Exercises

These exercises serve as your warm-up exercises to prepare your body for more difficult techniques and stretches. Perform all exercises for at least 10 to 15 minutes before proceeding to the regular exercises.

Exercise 1 of the Day

Before you get out of your bed, do an intense stretching of your arms and legs. Stretch your arms, toes and every joint and muscle of your body to their limit.

Exercise 2 of the Day

Still in bed, move to a sitting position and let your head lower down so your chin gets close to your chest. Move your head in a circular motion several times and repeat in the opposite direction. This helps loosen up your neck joints.

Exercise 3 of the Day

Now, move to a standing position and start stretching your arms forward and then rotate our arms in circular motion. Extend your arms to the side and don’t bend your elbows. Begin rotating your arms from the shoulder joints and repeat in the opposite direction a few more times.

Quick Note: You know how you’re always told to stretch and get lose before a workout? Well, that same concept applies when using exercises to grow taller. Gotta get loose, gotta get ready! Now lets move on to part II.

Part II – Regular Exercises

Now these are the REAL best exercises to grow taller, as they help straighten and lengthen your spine and stretch your body to the max. Repeat daily for up to half an hour for best results. These can be done during any part of the day. They do NOT need to be done immediately after your preliminary exercises; they can be done whenever you have time.

First Exercise

Stand up straight behind a chair with your feet together and hands clutching the chair. Slowly raise your leg up behind you as far as you can. Lower your leg down and repeat the method with your right leg. Do the leg lifts 20 to 30 times for each leg.


Second Exercise

Lie on your back on the floor. Raise your leg as far as you can toward your chest. Hold your leg below the knee and pull it further toward your chest. Ensure that your shoulders don’t lift off the ground, although you may lift your head up. Repeat with the other knee and perform the exercise 10 times for each leg.


Third Exercise

Spread your legs wide apart in a standing position. Lift up your hands above your head and overlap your hands. Start bending forward, touching the ground between your legs, and then return to your previous position. Do this 10 times, aiming to put your feet closer together. Eventually, you should be able to touch the surface with your palms.

These are just some of the best exercises to get taller. Are there others that you can use? Absolutely, many right here on this site! In fact, if you’re only using the exercises in this article, well, then you’re working at a disadvantage. You should be doing every exercise and every technique if you REALLY want to increase your height naturally.

Getting Surgery to Make You Taller – A Good Or Bad Idea?

Searching for a way to increase your height quickly? Well, then one option that may come into mind is undergoing surgery. After all, medical advances have come a long way and it should be a quick and painless procedure, right?

Well, I’m sorry to say, but that is 100% FALSE! Getting surgery to make yourself taller may sound appealing and easy, but it is definitely NOT a smart option. In fact, once you discover its gruesome operation, cost, possible complications, and recovery period — you’ll laugh at the very idea of having surgery to get taller and quickly move to other methods, such as these excellent stretching exercises to increase height.

What Is The Procedure Called?

Height increasing surgery, aka leg-lengthening procedure, aims to increase a person’s height by at least two inches or more. The ugly part though is that it’s basically a gruesome — some might say horrific — operation, involving a lot of pain and very serious risks.

What Does The Procedure Actually Involve?

First, the doctor breaks the bones of your lower leg and then a device consisting of two metal rings with extendable rods is screwed to the broken bone’s ends through the skin. Can you imagine a surgeon breaking the bones of your legs and sticking in a steel frame to the outer part of your limbs? Seems scary enough, right? Well, the process doesn’t end there!

Each day after the procedure, the screws connected to the pins in your legs have to be rotated, and this may involve — for lack of a more telling word — agonizing pain, plus the possible risks of infection setting in. This is done to stretch the bone, slowly pulling the broken bones apart and enabling new bone to grow within the gap.

The bone-lengthening process takes around three months, and after that you’ll have to experience bone strengthening for another three to six months. Aside from that, you’ll be confined to a wheelchair or crutches for the most if not all of the recovery period. And during this period, you’ll have to undergo intensely painful physical therapy sessions too.

Aside from the excruciating pain and long recovery period — both of which are reasons enough to reject the very idea — another thing you should consider when undergoing surgery to make you taller is the obscenely high cost.

How Much Does It Really Cost?

Typically, the surgery may cost up to $80,000 and above, depending on the clinic and surgeon handling you. But don’t be shocked to get prices quoted at $200,000 or more. It depends who you are dealing with and their “expertise” with such a procedure.

It’s definitely not an “affordable” operation for most folks — and all for the hope of only gaining around only two inches or more of height.

Complications, Risks, And Insurance

As if there wasn’t enough negative things about this option, there are also the risks of minor to severe complications. And, insurance doesn’t cover “cosmetic” procedures like this, meaning if anything goes wrong during or after the procedure, you’ll have to shell out even more money and risk having broken bones. Complications may involve temporary or permanent limitation of leg function. Think about that bold sentence for a moment and let it really sink in.

The Final Conclusion

All in all, opting for surgery to get taller is a completely unreasonable and foolish option that involves a lot of pain, risks and other monumental drawbacks. If you really believe you can endure all the pain and discomfort and you’re willing to pay thousands of dollars for this surgery just to get a few inches more of height, then by all means, go for it.

On the other hand though, if you have even 1 braincell and are capable of rational thought, you’ll realize that surgery to get taller is one of the dumbest things in the history of human kind. The only thing more stupid? Well, that’s easy — the people who sign up for the procedure!

4 Great Stretching Exercises to Increase Your Height

Being short can sometimes be tough, that’s why lots of people look for ways to boost their height. If you’re one of those wishing to be taller and are tired of the so-called “advantages” of being short that everyone tells you about, well, then you really should take a look at these 4 great stretching exercises to increase height. They won’t turn you into a 7′ big foot if that’s what you’re thinking, but they can help to elongate your spine, which will in turn help you to grow taller!

Seated Twist

This type of exercise stretches out your lower back, opens your chest and draws back your shoulders. To perform the technique, sit on the ground with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent. Slowly turn your upper torso to the right, while keeping your knees tightly together. Place your right hand at your back so you can support your weight and then deepen the twist by pressing your left elbow against your right knee. Remain in this position for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat the procedure on the other side.


The discs between your bones compress whenever you stand upright. Inversion stretching exercises such as the wide leg bend and standing forward bend helps in decompressing the discs by reversing the pull of gravity on your spine. To do the wide leg bend, stretch your feet to a wide “V” position and hinge forward. If you’re not flexible enough, bending your knees while using your hands to support your weight will suffice.

Lower Back Extensions

A person tends to appear shorter with tight abdominal muscles since it pulls the body forward. By doing lower back extensions, the abdominal muscles are released thus increasing your height. Lie on the floor face down with both your palms on the ground under your shoulders. Keep your legs and hip on the floor as you start pushing up your torso. If you find it hard to straighten your arms, just push up to your elbows. Hold this position for 10 seconds and then release.

Chest Openers

Chest opener exercises help in releasing tight pectoral muscles in the chest and back and draw your shoulders to a natural position. Start by standing with your feet leveled at hip width. Ensure that your knees, ankles, hip and shoulders from a straight line.

Clasp both hands together behind your back so your knuckles would be pointing toward the ground. Tilt your chin upwards, thrust your chest out and draw your shoulders together. Stay in this posture for 10 seconds and then release.

Now that you’re aware of the top stretching exercises to increase height, you’ll no longer be fumbling for solutions to your height problem. Start as soon as possible and maintain discipline in performing the exercises regularly.

They won’t produce instant results, so don’t expect them. These exercises are just another piece of the “how to increase height” puzzle!